The ability to exercise regularly and feel great is part of maintaining good physical and mental health. When this ability is taken away through injury or surgery, it is vital to get it back in a way that doesn’t strain the body.


The ElliptiGO cycle was developed for this very reason. The unique combination of running, cycling and cross training provides an excellent cardiovascular workout in a low impact fun outdoor activity. Get your FREE ElliptiGO Training Program here.


For runners who can no longer run or have limited running ability the ElliptiGO simulates a running action without the high impact on joints. Others with back and neck issues can benefit from the ElliptiGO riders’ upright stance, which promotes core strength and reduces neck strain. There are a wide range of issues for which the ElliptiGO can be used as a rehabilitation tool and benefit injured patients. View all benefits of stand up cycling here.

ElliptiGO Experiences is assisting Melbourne Health Professionals with their Clients’ rehabilitation programs using the ElliptiGO to aid in recovery, maintain fitness and return to normal function.


Health Enthusiasts, our rides are within the Melbourne metropolitan area.  Our main starting points are in the Bayside and Port Melbourne region.  Contact us for more information.

Health Professionals within the Melbourne metropolitan area, we come to you to discuss our services – integrating the ElliptiGO as a rehab tool within your Clinic and with your Clients.  Enquire Now.


ElliptiGO Experiences provides Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Sessions in which they discuss and demonstrate the benefits of the ElliptiGO to Health Practitioners and their Teams also giving them the opportunity to experience the ElliptiGO.

Typical format of a session:

  • Introduction of the ElliptiGO

  • Benefits of Use

  • Demonstration

  • Test ride for Team Members

  • Discussion on practical application and Q&A

Sessions can take place in the Clinic, however in order to demonstrate and Test Ride the ElliptiGO a venue close to the Clinic can be arranged. For more information or to Book a CPD Contact Us.

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