This is the best way to try our Rides and experience the ElliptiGO. To get started, First Time Riders need to complete a Beginners Ride, during which our experienced ElliptiGO Instructors will introduce the bike features, correct riding skills and get you set up riding in a safe and controlled environment so you feel comfortable and ready to take on a full Ride.

Once you’ve conquered your first Beginner Ride, choose between mastering your skills further while getting a great low impact workout on our Beginner Rides or sign up for our Advanced Rides to get your heart racing and calories burning.


  • 3x 60min guided FunFit Rides (Valued at $108)
  • Access to both FunFit Beginner and Advanced Rides
  • Choice between starting from Port Melbourne or Brighton locations
  • Access to our team 1:1 for riding tips and tricks
  • Australian approved helmets provided by us
  • Experience Melbourne’s most scenic bike path routes like never before
  • Unlimited smiles and calories burnt that will keep your body and mind thriving!

*Available only to First Time Riders, non refundable. Your offer expires 30 days from purchase and all rides need to be booked within this time. We are unable to extend or transfer this offer.


  • 1 Click SIGN UP > below
  • 2 Enter your details
  • 3 Checkout
  • 4 Wait for your voucher code to be sent to your email


  • 1 Visit our Bookings Page
  • 2 BOOK NOW > Beginner (first Ride mandatory) or Advanced Ride
  • 3 Select your prefered starting localtion, date and time


  • 1 Wait for your booking confirmation email
  • 2 Pack your helmet
  • 3 Like us on Facebook
  • 4 Get read to GO!



We are here to help. Please select from the tabs below to find out more.

First timers

Do I need to be an experienced ElliptiGO rider?

You don’t have to be an experienced ElliptiGO rider however you are required to be a confident bike rider to go on our Rides. Our experienced ElliptiGO Instructors will introduce you to the ElliptiGO and get you GOing.

How easy is the ElliptiGO to ride?

Most people who are confident bike riders are comfortable within a few minutes while they adjust to the unique experience. The balance is similar to a recreational bike and it is easy once you get into the rhythm.

I’m unfit and/or haven’t ridden a bike for ages. Will I be able to ride an ElliptiGO?

It doesn’t matter what level of fitness you are, you can GO at a pace that suits you! ElliptiGO Stand Up bikes require about the same amount of balance as traditional bicycles. It’s like riding a bike, once you’ve ridden you’ll never forget how to ride!

What limitations and requirements are there to riding?
  • Must be a confident bike rider
  • Suitable Height Range: 1.5m – 2.0m (4’11” – 6’8”)
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 113 kgs (250lbs)
  • Rider to wear Australian Standard helmet, closed toe shoes and comfortable clothing.

Bookings and T&Cs

Do I need to book a ride?

Yes. We have limited spots available and wouldn’t want you to miss out! Bookings can be made online by visiting BOOK A RIDE or Contact Us for more information.

How much are the rides?
  • Test Rides are a free 30 minute ride to get you familiar with the ElliptiGO and try before you buy. Only available for First Time Riders.
  • Please visit our Bookings page  – Our Prices, where you can purchase Packs, Memberships and Scenic Rides.
  • Private Rides allow you to design your own ride with upto 6 riders, by Appointment only. Cost is determined on number of riders and length of time.
Can I reschedule a ride?

Yes you can! We don’t want you to miss out so we allow up to 24 hours notice for you to reschedule your GO Ride. Rides can be rescheduled on the online booking system. Just click on your Change/Reschedule Appointment link in your confirmation email. There are strictly NO REFUNDS for missed or cancelled rides.

What happens if there are adverse weather conditions?

For your safety and comfort we WILL NOT ride during:

  • Temperatures in excess of 35 degrees Celsius
  • Winds in excess of 30 km/hour
  • Excessive downpours/hail/thunderstorms.

We will notify you and provide you with the option for you to reschedule up to 24hrs before the Ride for another session. Simply click on your Change/Reschedule Appointment link in your confirmation email. There are strictly NO REFUNDS for missed or cancelled rides.
Be sure to Like our ElliptiGO Experiences Facebook page to receive updates regarding rides.

Do I need to have my own ElliptiGO to go on a ride?

You don’t need to own an ElliptiGO bike (unless you’d like to). We provide the FUN and the bike! You provide the sense of adventure – Come Have a GO!

I have my own ElliptiGO. Can I join the rides?

Absolutely! Please Call 0407 799 751 or Contact Us for booking.

Do I need to have insurance?

ElliptiGO Experiences recommends riders to have cycling insurance cover. For more information please visit Cycling Australia.


How many people on a ride?

We are proud to say our rides are safe, fun-sized groups allowing us to give you a more personalised experience. Our guided rides range from 1-on-1 with our experiences ElliptiGO Instructors to a maximum of 6 riders per ride.

What should I bring with me on the ride?
What should I wear?

Enclosed toe/running shoes are preferable and comfortable clothing. Lycra optional 😉

What time and distance do the ElliptiGO Rides go for?
  • Test Ride: 30 minutes
  • Beginner and Advanced Rides: 1 hour
  • Private Group and 1-on-1 Rides cater to your requirements. These Rides are booked by Appointment Only
  • Scenic Rides: choose between 1.5 and 2.5 hour rides
  • Distance is dependent on the skill level of riders

To find out more information visit ElliptiGO Rides

Where do rides start?

We are based in Bayside Brighton. Our main starting points are from Brighton and Port Melbourne however other starting locations can be booked via Appointment.

Where will we be riding?

Bike paths for Beginners, advancing to paths and low traffic areas depending on skill levels. Please GO to ElliptiGO Rides for more details on rides.

Which Ride would best suit me?

Come try our FREE Test Ride and we’ll guide you as to which ride would best suit you.


Bike Comparison

ElliptiGO SUB

ElliptiGO 3C | 8C | 11R

Pedaling Motion
Enjoy a familiar circular pedal stroke similar to a conventional bike, but with more comfortable positioning. Works quadriceps more than long-stride models.
Gives the smoothest, gentlest ride from the long elliptical stride length; easiest on joints; provides comfortable ride for hours.
Provides quiet, lightweight performance and is low maintenance.
Delivers running-like motion, balanced muscle activation, and adjustable stride length for ultimate comfort.
Foot Platform
Custom pedal offers a lightweight, responsive design, engineered to channel energy into motion.
Provides stability and comfort and delivers optimal power transfer; multiple foot positions allow targeting different muscle groups.

Comparison chart

Model Comparison





Low-impact exercise

Comfortable riding position

Great visibility for enhanced safety

Efficient & effective workout


Hill climbing capability​

Ideal for bad knees or hips

Balanced muscle activation

Long stride length

Indoor-trainer compatible

Ideal for long-distance rides

Foldable steering column

Carbon-fiber drive arms

Gears | Derailleur (D) or Internal (I)

8 | D
3 | I
8 | I
11 | I


37.0 lbs.
42.0 lbs.
44.0 lbs.
39.4 lbs.

Colors available

For detailed specs on each Elliptical Bike please visit the product pages or download the PDF to compare.
Workout Comparison















ElliptiGO Models

How much does each model weigh?

The 11R weighs 17.9 kg
The 8C weighs 20 kg
The Arc 8 weighs 16.8 kg
The SUB weighs 13.0 kg

How wide is the rider stance?

One of the things we noticed when using an elliptical machine was that the drive arms seemed to be spaced further apart than our feet would be when running. We measured several elliptical trainers and they had widths of up to 28cm between the centerline of the drive arms. We designed our bikes to provide the least amount of distance we could between the foot platforms. As a result, the distance between the centerline of each drive arm is about 23cm, and the space between the inside edges of each foot platform is about 9cm.

What ElliptiGO Models are available in Australia?

ElliptiGO Experiences are based in Melbourne, Australia and have the following models and accessories:

  • 8C
  • 11R
  • Arc 8
  • SUB
  • Stationary Trainer

All the above models are available for a FREE Test Ride and purchase.

What is the stride length?

ElliptiGO elliptical bikes have a longer stride length than most indoor elliptical trainers, and it is adjustable out to 63.5cm or down to 40.6cm. We have found that the longer stride length makes the riding experience feel more like running.



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